Legal Rights of Victims of Train Accidents

eight dead amtrak derailmentWhile any kind of motor vehicle accident can be devastating, the news is filled with reports of some of the most horrific. Sadly, that was the case in the past week as headlines were dominated by the accident in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where Amtrak Train 188, a Northeast Regional, derailed. A leading Amtrak official has taken responsibility for the crash, where allegedly the train sped up in the moments before it left the tracks. The train was headed to New York after departing from DC earlier that evening. port richmond philadelphia amtrakThe train was approaching a tight bend in the tracks near Port Richmond where the recommended speed was 50 mph. According to accident reports, it was going more than 100 mph at this curve. It has not been released whether that increased speed was the result of manual engineer efforts or some other cause. Currently, there have been no problems identified that are associated with the track, the train itself, or the signals. Eight people lost their lives that night. Eight families and many more friends, workplaces, and communities have been devastated by this accident. More than 200 individuals were injured and local Phialdelphia hospitals were flooded with those victims. First responders claimed to have never seen an accident site so horrific. These victims have suffered and will continue to do so mentally, physically and emotionally for years to come. For more information on this deadly accident, read this Delaware County Daily Times article:

Train Accidents in Pennsylvania

When you step onto a train, you expect to have a safe ride. You expect that the highest level of care has been taken in order to prevent any unnecessary accidents and injuries. As the above tale points out, this is not always the case, and some people end up paying for this negligence with their lives. Understanding your rights after an accident can make this experience slightly easier. injured killed train accidentWhile car accidents are still some of the most common causes of devastating personal injuries, train accidents can leave victims with horrific injuries and pain. Any kind of train accident, like a sudden stop or derailment, gives passengers little opportunity to protect themselves. Common injuries from such an accident might include:
  • Head and neck pain
  • Back pain
  • Cuts, fractures, and bruises
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Burn injuries
  • Disfigurements and permanent scars
  • While the physical pain might be aided by a top medical team, it can take months or years for a victim to be able to return to work or function normally. For those seriously injured, that full recovery might never happen.

    Life After the Accident

    Planning a funeral for a loved one who has passed away is extremely overwhelming. Trying to plan appropriate medical care to assist with a severely injured individual can be frustrating. On top of all the physical challenges associated with these injuries, there is also frequently mental and emotional pain faced by accident victims. It’s never easy to watch a family member struggle with these challenges, but you should know that you do have options. Personal injury law in Pennsylvania protects family members of deceased loved ones as well as victims who have suffered serious injuries in the aftermath of a train accident.

    Next Steps for Injured Individuals of Railway Accidents

    injury railway accidentIf you or a family member has been hurt in a train accident, you’re not alone. While these accidents don’t happen as often as those involving other vehicles like cars, they are no less serious. If you have been injured, you need to seek medical care as soon as possible. Keep in mind that some of the more common medical issues associated with a train accident may not present immediately. Concussions and other head trauma symptoms might emerge in the weeks after a train accident, so stay on top of your medical care and report any changes or persistent issues to your doctor. He or she might use this to diagnose an ongoing problem or a serious head injury. Finally, you need legal guidance from a personal injury law firm with experience with train accidents cases, since these can be complicated and different from other kinds of accidents. Donaghue & Labrum has that experience in the Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware tri-state area. Your attorney can be a vital piece of the puzzle when trying to put your life back together after sustaining injuries in an accident yourself or losing a loved one in such an accident. Personal injury law gives you the power to file a lawsuit if negligence led to injuries or wrongful death, and the award from a successful case allows you to focus your life on recovery and moving forward rather than the challenges associated with living through this experience. Call Donaghue & Labrum – we will fight diligently for the compensation you deserve.