When an individual is injured as a result of someone else’s negligence, it is important that he or she understands what damages they may be entitled to. If you or a loved one has been injured in the Philadelphia area as a result of negligence by someone else, then you may be able to recover damages for injuries sustained. You may be entitled to bring an action for: Compensatory Damages, Non-Monetary Damages, and Punitive Damages.

Compensatory Damages

Compensatory Damages are damages compelling the defendant to pay a monetary award in order to put the victim of an injury in the position he or she was in prior to their injury.
  • Medical Expenses – Damages often cover medical bills related to an injury. Medical bills include: hospital visits, therapy, surgeries, etc.
  • Costs of Living with an Injury or Disability – Damages may include the cost of future medical expenses as a result of the injury suffered.
  • Funeral Expenses – A victim’s family may be able to recover for the cost of a funeral.
  • Lost Wages – A victim may be able to recover for lost wages as a result of an injury prohibiting them from working.
  • Loss of Future Earning Capacity – If the victim cannot earn the same amount of money because of an injury suffered, he or she may be able to recover for future earning capacity.

Non-Monetary Damages

Non-Monetary Damages are damages that cannot be measured by money. Non-monetary damages cover harms such as, physical and mental pain and suffering, loss of the enjoyment of life, and loss of consortium resulting from an injury.
  • Physical and Mental Pain and Suffering – If a victim is injured, he or she may be able to recover for physical discomfort or emotional distress.
  • Loss of Ability to Enjoy Life’s Pleasures – If a victim is injured, he or she may be entitled to compensation for their inability to participate in the same activities they enjoyed prior to the injury.
  • Loss of Consortium – A husband or wife of a victim may be able to recover for losses related to marriage, such as affection and companionship.

Punitive Damages

Punitive Damages are damages that punish the defendant for their wrongful conduct. Punitive damages are an attempt to deter others from acting in a similar manner as the defendant. When the defendant’s conduct is outrageous, punitive damages are typically awarded in addition to actual damages.

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